< the world devoid of emotion
the world devoid of emotion

Actually I’m not really sure why I have tumblr still either. It wasn’t hard to drop off the face of twitter and stuff so I could probably do the same here


It’s kinda sad that I think I’d feel much more comfortable becoming a pic blog that doesn’t talk lmao




talking to people about my obsessions pretending im just a casual fan

#conceal don’t feel




What the fuck



last night we were in the arcade at our usual escapades, and the lure of UFO machines are always REALLY HARD to resist bc there`s tons of merch for things like sailor moon, haikyuu!!, and free, and you can only get them as prizes so you have to work hard!!

so there were haikyuu towels and there was a choice of kageyama, hinata, and oikawa, but the oikawa towel was the only one up. thankfully you can request which one you want put up so you can try and win it, so I ended up winning kageyama and hinata (preface I love to hate oikawa bc he`s my doki)
so when he moved oikawa out of the way I was like “good, move the trash out of the way” and he laughed and I was like OH SHIT did he understand what I was saying
shit talking fictional teenagers…


Are we doing it?! Are we gonna zoom? Are we?!

what an angel

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orange is the new black meme

[3/3] characters: Sophia Burset

I have given five years, eighty thousand dollars, and my freedom for this.  I am finally who I’m supposed to be. Do you understand?  I can’t go back.




When your favorite character gets injured



This ends now! 
O brilliant blade of coldest steel
Rend the infinite darkness
And crush my enemies to nothing!
You're dead! Savage Wolf Fury!

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I’ve seen so many of those inspiring palette challenge pics and decided to give it a try (/- u -‘’) Never tried it before so not sure if I made it correcly tho…

Welp. At least it was fun.